We like to think of our salon as more of a creative studio where progressive stylists have come together to unite a common culture

Beauty & Fashion
WE are the seekers of style.


Making A Difference

Lotus is dedicated to providing a sustainable environment; for the client, the stylist, and the earth.

Lotus has paired with non profits to contribute to social and ecological solutions such as donating hair to Locks of Love and community fundraising for causes close to home.

Lotus is enrolled in EWEB’s GreenPower program which supports clean renewable power now and development of green energy technologies for the future.

Other areas in which Lotus is making a difference:

  • All organic, non-toxic soaps and detergents
  • Vegan, Organic Hair Products
  • Foil recycling
  • 100% recycled paper products


We hope you feel at ease in our space; expect to be treated like family and free to express your ideas to us.